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Let me begin by saying all my waxes & products are designed for sensitive skin.

All face waxing services start by cleansing the skin with an antiseptic cleanser, followed by a light layer of oil which creates a barrier between the skin & the wax.  A high quality, hard french wax is then applied. This wax contains apricot oil & is made specifically for the face; it sticks to the hair, not so much to the skin.  The wax residue is removed with cool cleanser & a cooling menthol gel is applied to calm the skin.

​With eyebrow waxing/shaping, not only are your brows waxed & trimmed, but they are also tweezed to give you the ideal shape.  Brows are not a one-size-fits-all.  Everyone has a different shape to their brows which must be taken into consideration.  My price starts at $21 and goes up depending on how long it takes/ how often you come in.  If you come in when you no longer have shape to your brows, we have to start over and that takes much longer so the price will be a little more.  

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