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Brazilian Waxing


       Ladies who are currently taking oral acne medication or any other medication that causes sun sensitivity should not be waxed.  Pregnant women can have brazilians, however if this is your first brazilian expect additional discomfort since you have more bloodflow to your bikini area.  Your skin is more sensitive during pregnancy & the hairs can be resistant, especially during the first trimester.

     To prepare for your first visit, the hair should be 1/4 inch long (about the length of your eyebrow hairs) but no longer than 1/2 inch; please trim the hair shorter if necessary.   It will tangle in the wax, break & cause additional discomfort.  If you are currently shaving,  you will need to stop for about 2 weeks so the hair is long enough for removal.

     The first brazilian is uncomfortable but it gets much easier when you do it regularly, every 4- 5 weeks, to prevent the roots from becoming too large & strong.  The discomfort you feel are the large, healthy roots tearing through the pores.

What to expect

     The first step of a brazilian is to cleanse the skin with an antiseptic cleanser, followed by a light layer of oil which creates a barrier between your skin & the wax.   A high quality french wax is then applied. The wax residue is removed with a gentle oil, the skin is cleansed again & a cooling aloe gel is applied to soothe the skin.  Waxed hair will not grow back for 3 - 4 weeks.  You may see other hairs growing since each hair grows in 3 cycles, the beginning, middle, & end life stage of the hair.  With several waxing sessions, the hair will become sparse and the growth will slow down.


       After waxing your skin may be reddened and/or slightly irritated.  Use triple antibiotic ointment ointment for a day or two to heal the skin.  Avoid exercising before/after waxing, wearing tight clothes, swimming and/or using a sauna; these activities can cause irritation.  To prevent ingrown hairs, exfoliate the bikini area 24 hrs after waxing & continue to exfoliate twice a week.  If you are prone to ingrown hairs, we carry a fantastic exfoliant for the bikini area; the active ingredient is glycolic acid so it penetrates the epidermis much deeper than the average body scrub.  I do not recommend loofahs or exfoliating gloves.  They easily harbor bacteria & can cause more irritations.